Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Look, Ma! I made some yarn!

So I finished spinning and plying my merino top. I got two nice-sized skeins from it and it came out to about 270 yards. Now to figure out what to make with it! It came out ok, a little uneven still, but all in all not bad. And I love the color--a beautiful teal with blue, green, purple and a little yellow. Lovely!


Sner said...

I'm with you on the reluctant blogger thing - I'm the same. It was only after much pressure from the BF that I gave in. I'm just now getting into spinning (drop spindle) and I plied my first somewhat usable yarn last night. I'm already hyped to head to the LYS today to get more fiber - this is a dangerous habbit!

the kitchener bitch said...

that looks really really yummy!

rose said...

the yarn looks great!