Thursday, March 22, 2007

Some finished business

Progress has been made:
Red Velvet Waffle.
Yarn: Knit Picks Mainline, 75% pima cotton 25% wool, color: Red Velvet Cake, 14 balls
Pattern: Bottom-up seamless raglan from The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee
Stitch: Waffle stitch
I like the yarn, I love the color, I don't look good in raglans. This is a relief to know, because now I can stop denying my love for set-in sleeves and seaming. That's right, I love to seam. I feel better now that that's out in the open. On the plus side, the sleeves are exactly the right length. Not too short. Not too long. That's a monkey off my back.

Trekking XXL socks

Yarn: Trekking XXL, superwash wool/nylon mix, color: 108, one ball

Pattern: Cuff down, short-row heel and toes, 6x2 rib

I like to learn something new with each project I make, but I didn't learn anything new with these. I keep saying I'm going to try toe-up socks, but I don't. I like cuff-down, I love the yarn-over short row heel and toes, and I find them comfortable. I'm not so sure I am going to knit other kinds of socks. I loved knitting these, mostly because of the subtle color suspense involved. When will the yellow ply start? Is the orange block on the second sock going to match? Well, I think they match pretty well. Not exactly, just off enough to be quirky without upsetting my little compulsive side. They fuzzed up quite a bit in the wash, and they softened too. It's a good day when I wear the Trekkings.

I've been doing other fibery things besides knitting. It took me six weeks to produce this:

Handwoven Sampler Table Runner

Yarn: 8/2 cotton in sage green and cotton rug yarn in natural

Pattern: Rosepath, plain twill, and point twill threading, with fourteen different treadling patterns.

Fits two cats.

I really enjoyed making this, but I feel like I still have very little idea of the whole craft of weaving. It's an entirely different feel than knitting, but it definitely has charm. The pattern and fabric are formed in front of your eyes, almost like magic. Maybe it just feels that way because I don't get the mechanics of the weave structures yet. Just like knitting, tension is very important and I definitely will need to get a lot more yards of weaving under my belt before I gain consistency there. I'm contemplating my next weaving project. Maybe towels.

Finally, I have to admit I have purchased yarn for myself. One ball of Trekking ProNatura (bamboo!) and two balls of a lovely soft worsted weight alpaca. Purple alpaca. I'm not made of stone! Still making good progress on knitting up the stash, though.


Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

All gorgeous, well-chosen, perfectly executed, tasteful projects. I'm sorry to hear that you think you don't look good in raglans. That makes me think 1. I might not look good in raglans even though I think I do. Therefore I'm going around thinking I look good when I don't and b. Will it fit your sister or somebody else you know? This is a shame. Are you going to wear it anyway? Wear it anyway. Maybe you're wrong. Maybe you do look good in raglans. And the socks! Well how did you get them to match? Nobody gets the slidey striped Trekking to match. You are serious. The weaving is really cool. If you think you have no clue how it happened, think about the rest of us pore working stiffs. (I do work sometimes.) I still worry that you'll abandon us knitters for weaving. Eyes all over Southeastern Wisconsin would be wet and brimming with more tears.

cathy said...

Sorry about the sweater :(

I really like the tablerunner. Weaving- someday I'll get to it.

Batty said...

Say it, sister! Seaming is fun! I love the way pieces of knitting come together and end up looking like they were never apart. It's like alchemy: assemble everything and watch the whole become more than the sum of its parts.

I love the waffle sweater. Will it fit someone else in your family? It's simply gorgeous, almost like soft, squishy scalemail.
Yes, I'm a D&D geek. Just in case you were wondering.

The tablerunner is also very pretty. Weaving... hmmm, there's another one to try!

LadyLungDoc said...

Wow! That is an amazing job of matching the Trekking - the pair I knit have totally different looking feet; luckily the cuffs are similar enough that when I wear them with shoes it doesn't look like I'm wearning mismatching socks!