Monday, October 22, 2007

Tofutsies Eternal Socks

The Socks That Took Forever are done!

Yarn: Tofutsies by SWTC

Pattern: basic cuff down, K2 P2 rib with short-row heels and toes

Started: May 29, 2007 Finished: October 15, 2007 Four and a half months! Sad.

I love 'em and so does Chester. Why yes, those are my jammies I'm wearing!


Rebel said...

Oooh... I think Chester needs socks! LOL. They're very cute.

errs said...

Socks!!! I'm vicariously knitting SotS through you and you post SOCKS!!! Sigh. You're being a difficult stalkee.

But they are cute socks. Second Sock Syndrome is why I will not knit socks. I don't even want to knit the 2nd sleeve of a sweater for a teddy bear.

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Four posts in one day?? Thank goodness I fought off the somnia in order to check your blog. I've got work to do here. I like that Chester. I've seen you knitting those socks a bunch of times and I wanted to smell them, too. (Though, not so much now that you're wearing them.)