Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A day in my life

Saturday, October 20, 2007

5:00 am: Alarm clock goes off, I hit the snooze, pet Chester at the bottom of my bed, turn over and go back to sleep

5:09 am: Alarm clock goes off, I hit the snooze, pet Nellie at the bottom of my bed, turn over and go back to sleep

5:18 am: Alarm clock goes off, I get up. No cats on the bottom of the bed.

5:18-5:43 am: Morning ablutions and get dressed. I wear my Tofutsies socks for the first time.

5:43-6:15 am: Breakfast (Maple and Brown Sugar Shredded Wheat, yogurt, banana, chai tea) and read the paper.

6:16-6:30 am: Brush teeth and put on make-up. Discover I'm having a bad hair day, but it's too late to do anything about it now, time to go.

6:31 am: Tell Chester good-bye, that I have to go to work, that I'll be home in the afternoon. I do this every morning. If I don't, he will cry for me after I leave, according to my sister.

6:32 am: Drive to work. It's a good time of day. I drive east and enjoy the silhouettes of trees against the sunrise.

6:58 am: Arrive at work, where I will spend 8 hours here:

6:58 am: Realize I've left my pathetic lunch, leftover pepperoni pizza at home. This dooms me to a lunch of leftover bakery and possibly an apple. Grr.

6:59-11:57 am: Check guests out, take their money, do the bookkeeping, check my e-mail and hang out at the Knitty Coffeehouse, answer the phone, drink two cups of coffee, and troubleshoot a non-working toilet (just needs a plunger, thank god, that's the housekeeper's job).

11:58 am: The caterer next door brings us a leftover lunch of salad with mixed greens, tenderloin, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes, and cheesy grated potatoes. Hooray! She also brings me three frozen, unbaked croissants filled with pumpkin and cream cheese. Dessert for tonight!

11:59 am-12:17 pm: Answer three phone calls, check two guests out, greet and answer questions from tourists wandering through.

12:18 pm-12:48 pm: Thank goodness, there's still some lunch left. Sit down with the housekeepers and have lunch. Am only interrupted twice.

12:48 pm-3:24 pm: Do a couple of loads of dishes, finish bookkeeping, answer calls, greet incoming guests, more phone calls, discover I've done the bookkeeping on the wrong form and fix and re-print, balance out cash drawer (+$12.42? what's up with that?), prepare bank deposit, more phone calls, sell some gift certificates, hand the whole thing off to the evening innkeeper.

3:24 pm: Drive home, past dairy and sheep farms, corn and pumpkin fields, under a bright blue sky. I curse my job in the windowless closet of an office. I should do something to enjoy the weather but I am drained from my day of constantly being nice to people. It is very hard. I know this is the only bit of the outdoors I will enjoy today:

3:48 pm: Am greeted at the door by the kitties:

3:49 -5:15 pm: Mess around on computer, knit a bit on Secret of the Stole, bake off the pumpkin-filled croissants.

5:15 pm: Am asked by my sister whether I was planning on making dinner. I offer my Noodles gift card if she will go get. She declines.

5:16-5:17 pm: Argument with sister.

5:18-6:18 pm: Knit on Secret of the Stole, trying not to argue further. Just want someone else to make or arrange for dinner just one day a week.

6:19 pm: Remember pizza in fridge and eat it cold with some cranberry Sierra Mist (yum!). Honeycrisp apple for dessert.

6:32 pm: Remember the pumpkin croissant and have that for second dessert.

6:33 - 9:28 pm: Knit on Secret of the Stole, listen to audiobook (The Pale Horseman by Bernard Cornwall), mess around on computer.

9:29 pm: Evening ablutions, jammies

9:35 pm: Bedtime! Argument and work have worn me out.


Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Quite an ambitious post. I think I'm going to skip that one. I don't have anything like your stamina. My favorite part was desert number 2-of course. I don't understand why sis didn't go get dinner. Did you remember to say, "I'll buy; you fly?"

IrishgirlieKnits said...

I love this post!! Great job!! I especially love the alarm clock because that is very me in the morning!! And the dinner negotiations with your sister because that sounds like me and my sister ALL the time!! Thank goodness for desserts #1 and #2!

Rebel said...

Your life sounds a bit like mine... only it's more like

4:30am - alarm silent, kitty on face begging for breakfast!

They are cuties though.

Anonymous said...

I love your scenic drive! I want me some sheepies to drive past too!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, and the morning alarm clock is exactly what I go through... except I've got 3 separate alarms going (I've learnt how to switch them off in my half asleep stupor instead of just snoozing them!!)

Beverly said...

When I lived with my sister, we had the same arguments. I was always the one providing the dinner. Maybe that's why I hate dealing with dinner now that I'm married.

Cute kitties!

Kelly said...

Holy crap - you get up at 5 in the morning? You're a powerhouse. I get up at 9:30!