Tuesday, December 26, 2006

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Happy Second Day of Christmas! I always like the day after Christmas better than Christmas. The work is done, the guests are gone and I like looking over the loot. This year I got an extra bonus--the day off and the house to myself. I got some great presents, including a third share in a nice patio furniture set for our new patio, a twenty dollar bill from one of my aunts (for the love of Pete! I'm thirty-seven years old, not necessary to slip me a twenty!), a pretty jacket, a book by a new author that's part of a series (I love discovering a new series), and a cell phone. Yes, the last two people in North America without cell phones, myself and my sister, are now Connected. And my sister went fancy with it too, getting us souped up phones with cameras, web access and all. I feel a little dumb trying to figure out what all I have and how much it's gonna cost me, but I do enjoy my "When the Saints Come Marching In" ringtone. On the down side, if my boss finds out I have a cellphone, I could conceivably be called at any moment only to tell her it's ok to turn the computer off if ctl+alt+delete does nothing. Must remember to make my work number a really short ringtone.

The Sugarplum pillows for the aunts were a hit. The word heirloom was actually bantered about. Gotta love the innocence of the Muggles.

Next up: a big six-day work week. Luckily the last Packer game with--incredibly--Play Off Implications, has been moved to Sunday night, so I won't miss seeing it after all. Go Pack!

Next post: Should I call a moratorium on yarn purchases in 2007? And if so, would it be cheating to buy enough for IK's Nantucket Jacket before I do?


Batty said...

No, it's not cheating! You would have bought the yarn the day you bought the magazine, finances and time permitting. Besides, you're already mentally committed to owning said yarn. The physical transaction involved in buying it is, at this point, a mere formality.

Hope that helps! : )

Sue, aka seiding said...

Everyone loves an enabler! Thanks Batty! ;)

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

1. Who the hell is Pete?

and 2. It's not 2007 yet and that's a ridiculous resolution anyway because

3. We're going to Stitches and to Wisconsin Sheep & Wooooooool Festival and and

4. It's really fun to buy yarn online and everywhere, plus

5. You need more yarn.

6. If your phone rings at work and you are caught out, say it's your sister's cell phone, then quick buy some yarn