Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I jumped on the bandwagon and knit myself a February Lady Sweater:

I made some polymer clay buttons for it. I blended red, yellow, white, gold and a smidge of blue to get the persimmon color of the yarn, then I blended that with pearl for a lighter variegated color. I tried several other combinations as well, but these looked the best:

It doesn't look half bad:

It's really comfortable. I did lengthen the sleeves and taper them down from the elbow to the wrist, cutting out about three lace pattern repeats as I did so. I made M1 increases on the yoke instead of the called-for YO increases. If you do this too, do it on the WRONG side, where it will show less. I'm very pleased. It was a quick and fun knit and I think it'll become my most-worn handknit sweater to date.

Next up: The Classic Lines Cardigan from Knit Picks. In dark, dark, dark blue-green with a pale strand of eucalyptus. Swatching starts today.


Elizabeth said...

It looks great! I love those buttons.

Anonymous said...

I just love it! Those custom buttons really look good too. The color is just right for you. I am going to look at you as my mentor, get me motivated! ♥

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

The buttons look just plain white to me. I was going to ask you to post a better picture, but I guess it's just my computer. It's really nice. The quality of your stitches is exceptional among knitters. The fact that you make adult size sweaters and aren't afraid to wear them makes you a better woman than I/me.

Sue, aka seiding said...

Yeah, Kath, I couldn't get the best shot of them in this unrelenting gloom. I will bring it to show when next we knit.

Zonda said...

Love the colorway and those buttons! :)

Barbara said...

Thanks for sharing your sweater! I looked at the Classic lines cardigan that you mentioned and it I am contemplating...I printed it out and will be sure to follow your efforts if nothing else. Are you using the Knit Picks yarns recommended? I appreciate when designers add larger sizes which I need.

Batty said...

It looks awesome! Love that color on you.

Sharon said...

Stunning knitting work.

Stunning button work.

Simply stunning all round!

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Nice sweater!

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful sweater.
I have been wanting to learn how to knit for years.
I really want that sweater, so, now I will try to learn.
Thanks for the inspiration!!
(it's me, pony girl. i can never comment with my pony girl wordpress, it doesn't like me or something)

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