Thursday, July 27, 2006

Secret Spoiler Strikes Again

Yay! A great package arrived today from my SP7 pal, Secret Spoiler! Yummy Cadbury Fingers (now sadly half gone), a dark chocolate coconut candy bar of suspicious German origin which is supposed to be a clue (hmmm, yummm), Knitting Rules! which I've been dying to read, a really cute tape measure with a cat on it (you pull a bit of fur to pull it out--Nellie and Chester have been all over it), a little jar of Marmite (which I will be trying on my toast tomorrow morning--I figure it won't actually kill me, right?), and two lovely squishy balls of Debbie Bliss Merino Aran in a nice violet color (my first Debbie Bliss). I'm a little overwhelmed by it all, to tell you the truth! Thanks Secret Spoiler, you made my week!

You see I can't even take a picture without Chester getting a piece of the action.


cpurl17 said...

Chester is a cutie! And your newsflash story on Knitty was hysterical!


Just seen your news item from the knittythread, very funny!

Are Bounty bars German? Blimey, you learn something every day.

Make sure you follow that advice in the other knitty thread about Marmite. Spread it t-h-i-n-l-y and have a cuppa handy to drink along with it. Enjoy!

Kathy S. said...

Better put 911 on speed dial. Maybe Bounty bars are Australian. Isn't Marmite Australian?
Hmmm, maybe that's Vegemite. Well, for Crissakes, be careful!!
I'm off to look for your news item on Knitty.