Friday, July 13, 2007

Exceedingly Spoiled

I got a wonderful package today from my Spinning SP, exSeidingly spoiled, also known on Knitty as one-skein-wonder, and just look what it contained!

Silk top. Yellow and purple, called Buttercups and Lavender. I see this as my first candidate for a Navaho-ply. It's fabulous!

That's not all, though. Look at this:

Four really spectacular batts made of suri alpaca, merino, silk and nylon. Look at the color. Think she's got me pegged, or what?

She also sent some seeds for my garden--daisies and California poppies, two of my favorites--they're so cheerful! Thanks so much OSW!


Batty said...

Now that's some pretty roving!

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Wow, red + purple, yellow + purple! She's been reading our mind. Is that ethical?

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Is it even fredical?