Monday, July 02, 2007

More Merino

Remember this hand-dyed merino? It became this:
My first 3-ply. 14 wpi, sportweight, about 278 yds.

Yep, it's pretty purpley-pink, all right.

I've been very remiss not to blog this yet:

A wonderful sock bag, made for me by Kathy. It's perfect for grabbing-and-going and having my knitting with me. It's been to a Brewers game, several restaurants, a park, my back yard, and work. Even with all that travelling, I'm still on my first sock of my Tofutsies pair. Note the color of the sock yarn. Sense a theme?

Here's a shot of one of our perennial gardens:

I love the contrast of the cool purple lavender and the fiery gallardia.

Camping this week way Up North. Look for some camping shots next week!


Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Do you think the Non-Wisconsinites know the difference between Up North and Way Up North? Suffice it to say that "way" does not really function to modify plain "up north." Up North and Way Up North are different places altogether, but not Canada, rarely, Upper Michigan. I love it Way Up North. You keep your camera on you so you can capture wildlife for us.

Nice post. The purple-pink yarn is gorgeous! Another point of information for your other readers: Seiding & I dyed that together. We finally got enough dye to saturate the roving by stealing it from another student. Don't worry, we (I) won't go to hell for that one; she deserved it. Get this: She was mean to Sue. Anyhow, I love the pink as well as the purple there. It's perfect.

Batty said...

I love the purple pink yarn! It's very bright, which is a good thing. And mean people don't deserve dye anyway, so there.

Elizabeth said...

Way up north is like Superior. Up north is like anything from The Dells on up. At least as far as I can tell.

Love the yarn! Great colors!