Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cashmere-Tussah Handspun

Just look!
Cashmere-Tussah Handspun
Two-Ply Worsted Spun, about 60 yards, 2 ounces, 11 wpi.
Thanks to my Spinning SP, exSeidingly spoiled! I couldn't keep my hands off it, so I spun it up quick! It's so light and soft and shiny. I can't say enough about it. I probably could have done it more justice, it was a little fussy to draft, so I ended up with some uneveness, but I plan to knit this up pronto. I'm thinking a small scarf, because it's so soft I want to wear it around my neck.


Batty said...

Heavenly. It looks so squishy, I want to pet it!

cathy said...

So pretty :) I wish I could reach through my screen and pet it.

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful, well done. I knew that roving was meant for you.

Rebel said...

oooooooh it's sooooooo preeeettttyyyyy! I almost bought some handspun tussah silk at the Black Sheep Gathering, but I was afraid I didn't have the skills to do anything really wonderful out of it. Yours is lovely. -Zuma

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Maybe it's not so bad to wear those face covers where only one's eyes show if they were made of such as that.