Wednesday, June 20, 2007

BFL, my new BFF

Meet my new BFF (sorry Kirsty, I know I said we would be BFF, but that was 20 years ago now. You had a good run.):
Spinners! Have you treated yourself to Blue Faced Leicester yet? How about some BFL handpainted by Spunky Eclectic? If you do, you will find yourself a new Best Friend Forever. It came looking a little travel-worn, but just fluffing it up a tad did wonders:

And it's a dream to spin! Smooth, even, sproingy. It practically spun itself and this is the result:

I'm so In Love! 4 oz, 130 yards, double-plyed, spun semi-woolen. About worsted weight, 10 wpi.

And now for something completely different:

Recycled Denim and Soda Bottles. Bad Amy sent me this last fall. The fiber feels like dryer lint and it's a bit tricky to spin. It sticks, sticks, sticks, and then pulls apart. I went for yards with a nice even singles and then yards of thick-and-thin Slub City. The texture is definitely cottony. I think I need more cotton-spinning experience to find out if it's just me. I am planning on buying a packet of RIT dye and dyeing this. It'll make a small discloth, I think.

Gratuitous Kitty Pic!

Ain't Nellie ladylike?


Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste. Now hand over the BFL BFF yarn or the kitty gets it. Seriously, it's forgetting beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

I think you need to bring that yarn on our camping trip. And then you should offer it as a door prize to some lucky knitter. And I'll rig the contest so it will be ME!

Lovely spinning.

Batty said...

Oooh, I simply have to get my hands on some of that roving. It's beautiful. The yarn it turns into is beautiful. Everything about it is beautiful.

Kitty is very... flopped. That's the life!

cathy said...

BFL is my favorite fiber to spin. You did such a good job of it. :)

Anonymous said...

BFL hm? As Bob Dylan once said, Oh yes, it can easily be done.

Erin said...

I was just parusing (I spelled that wrong, didn't I?) your blog and noticed that you have the same kitty house I do! And your yarn is pretty too, lol.

Bad Amy said...

I wondered how that crazy stuff would spin up! WEIRD!