Saturday, September 15, 2007


Recently found through Craig's List:
15" Four-shaft Schacht Table Loom with 12 dpi reed. Solid maple, in good condition, but I will replace tie-up strings and apron-rod strings, and maybe buy some more heddles. New, it costs about $500. I got it for $75. Whoo hoo! I love Craig's List!

Here's my first "project" on it. It's worsted-weight wool that I dyed with Kool-aid (the variegated red/green/orange) and leftover Easter egg dye (solid green). I'm just doing a plain or tabby weave right now to get a feel for it. I pretty much hated the Kool-aid yarn in the skein and couldn't stomach the thought of knitting it up. I am totally grooving on the plaid effect it is creating when weaving, though. I don't know why it's kinda wavy and I made a mistake going from one color to the next. It's obvious I'm a rank beginner!

Nellie loves weaving. She never left my side as I measured my warp and warped the loom. Last night after I came upstairs after weaving the bit you see here, she stayed downstairs calling me, and when I went down today to take pictures, she was sure I was going to start up again. Silly kitty.


errs said...

Are you trying to confuse me with your multiple posts in one day??? I am wise to your tricks! Neat loom by the way.

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

12 dpi reed !!!!!! No way!

and Sweet, sweet kitty.