Monday, September 24, 2007

Recent Stash Enhancements

I've been buying some yarn recently. I know, you're shocked!
Sock yarn, from Temptations in Sturgeon Bay. $1.50 each, because they were the last balls. Haven't these people ever heard of colorwork?

The last four balls of Merino et Soie by Naturally. I bought a bunch of these, and some lavender and teal colors too, back in January at my LYS's $3 a ball sale. When I got them home, I realized I probably didn't have quite enough of the grey for a sweater, but I resisted going back. I finally caved the other day and bought these at the exorbitant rate of $5.25 a ball. Originally marked $8.75.

Knit Picks Shadow, in three colors. I couldn't decide what color to make my Secret of the Stole, so I ordered three. I decided on the green. If it turns out I can't stand lace, I'll be swapping the other two colors away, I guess. But they are all lovely.

Knit Picks Gloss. I've been meaning to give this a try. I'm not completely sold on its wonderfulness in the skein. It just doesn't have any wow factor. That may change once I knit some up.

Knit Picks Harmony wood tips: LOVE THEM! They are lovely, sharp, smooth but not slick. They made my lace swatch a pleasure. I like them so much, I ordered two more in smaller sizes.

Harvest Moon batt and tussah silk top by Abby. Guess Abby was thinking the same thing as the flowers from my garden: Yellow and orange! The batt is a blend of super-fine merino, tussah silk, suri alpaca, and Mongolian cashmere! Soooo gorgeous and soft!

Here's something that merits a few less exclamation marks. My swatch for Secret of the Stole. It's a little floppy and open, I think I will go down one more needle size. On the tail on the left is my two bead choices. I think the bottom one (clear lined with gold) will get the green light. I like the brown one on top too, but I think it blends a little too much.

I'm half-way done with the second half of the front of Nantucket Jacket, which means I will soon have to sit down and refigure the arms to make them full length. Time to get out the graph paper.


Elizabeth said...

Lots of gorgeous new stuff! I think sometimes the yarns that look boring in the skein can be a joy to knit with, so don't judge the Gloss too soon.

I think your lace swatch looks fine. But swatch on smaller needles if you must.

errs said...

I like the gold-lined bead better too... Though, I have to admit, I had a hard time seeing either one. LOL

Rebel said...

I love those knit-pick yarns, I'll have to try gloss -it's so pretty.

I think the shawl will turn out great... but I can't see the beads.

Rebel said...

D'oh! Now I see the beads, I actually like the one on top better, but you're right, it really blends in!!!!

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Don't you have enough needles yet? Alarm!! Alarm!!! Approaching the needle saturation point.

Kristy said...

Hmmm.. I like the darker bead. But either will look beautiful! I also really like the pattern you're using -- looks great in the KP Shadow! All three of those colors are so pretty, I might need to do some affordable stash enhancing myself! I'll even add a set of Harmony tips...I've knit with metal so long, I hardly remember what it's like to knit with wooden needles.

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

I hope you didn't get excited about 2 new comments. I'm sorry to say that they're both from me. I like the dark bead better. The end.